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NomNoms! comes to Android to fall in love with their bugs

NomNoms! is a new HyperBeard studio game that comes to Android to give a bath to other casuals that lack originality, creativity and a good manufacturing in the physics of objects. Just as if we were a pinball, we have this casual very graceful in technical terms.

If we say pinball it is for a reason: you will have to use a slingshot to throw those Noms so that they collide with the different elements of each level. Very cute creatures that are accompanied by the Noms and that we will find in the surprise eggs that await us in each level.

A great name!

NomNoms! It is a casual in which you will face a large number of levels. And if you expect those levels to be almost the same one after another, you are wrong, since HyperBeard has tried well that every time you start You have to work a new one to get all the gold coins and those eggs that will give you the chance to discover one of those curious and tender Noms.


For this we have a slingshot right located at the bottom of the screen and that will help us to throw the Noms so that they hit objects, structures or simply to the coins in order to collect them. Not only this, but each level will have different ways of being completed to find that there is much more than it initially seems.

We talked about you going up to a Nom to a special catapult to press on the screen so that in the right direction, our Nom ends up in another to follow a series of them that allows us to reach a coin far away.

A casual that is capable of falling in love called NomNoms!

So far we have not discovered that there is a limit of shots with the slingshot, because perhaps we are so good that we have not needed them. What you have to have a little expertise to reach those most difficult spaces. And as usually happens in these casuals, everything remains to try until we give the solution.


As we complete the levels we will realize that each level forces us to eat a little coconut and go proving what happens if we hit that block of wood or if we wait for the right moment for our Nom to hit that mobile platform. NomNoms! It has a great physics of objects, so take advantage of it to find different ways to finish the level and move on to another. It will be a vice for the original of each one.

A very kawai game and that we know very well thanks to the Madrid studio Platonic Games that has published sound games to the Google Play Store. So we will go straight to get to know a casual one of those who is able to hook you to go passing one level after another without measuring the time we need for it. For now, for the time we've been playing, it promises a lot.

The Noms as the protagonists

Another of our goals will be to collect all the Noms so that we can go to that screen where we can see which ones we are missing. All seasoned with a graceful way of facing a game that has a lot of color and that goes very well through the eyes from the first minutes. We talked about a game created by a studio that is quite successful in the Play Store. In his day we already did the review of KleptoCats, another great colorful game.


Technically it is at a very good height and stands out for its great color, the creativity of its levels, the great physics of objects and the design of its characters as well as sounds and more. A game that shines on its own and shows how well this video game studio knows how to do it.

NomNoms! comes to Android eager to succeed and that you fall in love with those characters so cool and so cute. Get ready to face a multitude of levels with a lot of color and that are very kawai.

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  • Very kawai
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