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New ARKit features will only work on last generation devices


This is the integration of people in the new version of ARKit.

Scott Stein / CNET

Apple announced in its last conference for developers WWDC19 the arrival of the third version of your augmented reality platform, ARKit and two new tools: RealityKit and Reality Composer. But Apple has made it clear in its website for developers that in order to take advantage of these latest functions you need an iPhone XS, an iPhone XR, an XS Max or a high-end iPad Pro with a Bionic A12 or later processor.

ARKit 3 offers a new integration function, which allows you to place people and virtual objects in the same space so that it seems that they really coexist, something like a chrome effect in real time. It also has motion capture, which can analyze the positions of the body and joints to allow virtual objects to move as if they were puppets.

In addition, the program can now detect when someone is in a digital AR creation.

ARKit 3 also offers simultaneous support for the front and rear cameras and in addition, the front TrueDepth camera can track up to three faces at once, but only if your device has a Bionic A12 or later processor.

ARKit runs on iOS devices dating back to the iPhone 6S and the fifth generation iPad, and the new RealityKit and Reality Composer tools will create augmented reality (RA or AR) on a wide range of devices.

However, the most powerful graphic effects of the latest ARKit version need those more powerful Bionic A12 processors.

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New ARKit features will only work on last generation devices
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