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iPhone: Apple registered trademark


We read on AppleWeblog that since February 9, 2010 and after three years in the market, Manzana has obtained the mark iPhone. Finally the United States Patent and Trademark Office (UPSTO) has officially published that iPhone It is a registered trademark of Apple Inc, covering both the name and logo of your mobile device. This brand has the registration number 3,746,840 and covers international classes 9, 28 and 38.

According to the record, it is included in the class 9 for being a device mobile to make and receive calls, Electronic mail? Nico, and other types of digital data; to use it as Audioplayer and how personal computer Handheld, digital assistant, electronic organizer, electronic notepad and camera.

It is included in the class 28 for being one mobile unit for electronic games and in the class 38 for being a Service access to telecommunications, computer communication, data and information transmission by electronic media; for allowing the provision of telecommunications connections to computer databases and to Internet, as well as the electronic transmission by streaming and to discharge of files from Audio Y video using the computer and other communications networks. among others.

Now the fight for the brand begins iPad, I'm sure they will also win. We will see how long they take!