If you were the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 you have the right to receive money

If you were the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 you have the right to receive money

Samsung Galaxy S4 lawsuitWe thought that we will never rewrite the Galaxy S4 phone, but Samsung has just resolved a lawsuit that was under development for five years related to the device. The demand was resolved for an amount of $ 13.4 million dollars, and if you had one of those phones, you have a small but very small slice of the cake.

According to The Register, the lawsuit was first filed in November 2014 by Daniel Norcia, who bought a Galaxy S4 from a Verizon Wireless store in San Francisco, California in 2013, and then discovered that Samsung was artificially inflating the numbers of reference scores or benchmarks. The complaint alleges that the company introduced code that presented that the speed of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor was 532MHz, instead of the 480MHz at which this processor normally works.

Samsung never denied that it infl benchmarks, but instead took a different approach. The company argued that under California law, it was not "legally required" to reveal that the telephone was set to inflate scores; instead, I state that the only thing that should be disclosed to the public is security issues and data breaches. The case reached the Supreme Court and was scheduled to be brought to trial, before Samsung finally reached an agreement for $ 13.4 million.

As part of the agreement, Samsung agreed not to inflate the software that artificially increases the benchmarks, but interestingly, it only agreed to do so until 2024. Not only that, but the company is not required to admit any crime.

The big slice of the cake ($ 7,500 of that $ 13.4 million dollars) will go to Daniel Norcia, while $ 10.6 million dollars will be in the form of precautionary measures. The other $ 2.8 million goes directly to the liquidation fund, which means that if you were the owner of a Galaxy S4, you are entitled to receive some money. Considering that around 10 million people bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the US, we are talking about approximately $ 10 dollars.

Instructions on how to receive them are not yet available, but if you were a registered owner of a Galaxy S4, the company said you would soon receive an email about it. In case you no longer use the same email address you had when you bought the Galaxy S4, and if you think it is worth claiming the money, it is apparently recommended to check or buy USA Today on Mondays, since the instructions will eventually appear in Legal Notices or Your Money section. Although, perhaps, many think that the time and effort they will have to invest is worth more than the minimum reward they can receive.

The Galaxy S4 was launched in March 2013 and reached immediate popularity. Samsung achieved a new sales record thanks to this device, selling 4 million phones in four days globally. In the rest of the year of its launch, the company sold more than 70 million units, which makes it the most sold Galaxy S so far.

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