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How to activate Android N folders on your tablet with Nova Launcher


How to activate Android N folders on your tablet with Nova Launcher

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April 15, 2016

Android N games folder

A couple of days ago the second beta of Android N And we already have a fairly clear map of its novelties. In addition to incorporations related to functionality and graphic capabilities, such as Vulkan, this new preview has raised an interesting aesthetic change in one of the classics par excellence of system customization: The folders. So you can try its new format on your tablet.

On occasion we have talked about Nova. It is one of the most complex, updated and flexible launchers of the Android platform, a luxury for those users who enjoy changing icons and themes of its terminals. However, it is not just that: the developers of this application also take many of the graphic news that Google is implementing, even experimentally, and offer them to users of any device.

How to change icons and themes on an Android tablet

Nova Launcher: download and installation

In case we don't have Not going, the first thing we must do to activate the folders of Android N in our terminal is to download the app from Google Play. There is a paid version and a free version. If you are lovers of personalization, Nova is the best thing that has happened to Android since its origins in this regard and it will be worth the investment: a tool capable of change all settings of the interface in seconds without any risk to the system.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime

Once we have the application installed on the tablet or smartphone we must start it, go to the bottom of it and set the launcher as a way to default start in the Nova section> Select default launcher. In this way we will replace the original interface of our Android with the one we just downloaded.

Selecting Android N folders

As they point out Our Android friends Help, this folder format is not that Nova uses by default, so we must select it manually by going to Folders> Folder background and selecting the option N Preview. Upon returning to the home screen we will find the circular folders that hide a corner in the icons of each app, as you can see in the second image.

Nova Launcher beta Android N

In addition, Nova offers the possibility to play with the appearance of these folders by selecting the background color or the level of transparency, something that Google does not allow or will allow in its Now Launcher for Android N.

How to activate Android N folders on your tablet with Nova Launcher
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