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How much battery is saved using the dark mode?

This year Apple has made significant improvements in the autonomy of the iPhone. As we saw, up to five extra hours in the most powerful model of all. But the increased capacity of the battery is not the only reason, it also influences a secondary factor such as the new dark mode. In a new video put two iPhone XS next to each other to see how much more, if the one with dark mode activated or the one with light mode.

The theory says that dark mode saves battery in OLED phones because of the fact that pure blacks are dull pixels and therefore do not consume energy. It is the theory, the practice is a bit more complex and other things influence such as the fact that there is simply less brightness and therefore less energy consumption. Be that as it may, it is a fact that the dark mode can save battery.


30% extra battery

How much? Until 30% according to the tests from the YouTube channel PhoneBuff. In this channel they have made a video in which a robotic hand keeps the iPhone screen on and in continuous use until its battery runs out. Actually they are two robotic arms, one for the iPhone in light mode and one for the iPhone in dark mode. Different tests are performed such as browsing Twitter or moving around Google Maps.

As we can see, the iPhone in dark mode endures better than the one in light mode. About four hours of use after the iPhone in dark mode has a 71% battery compared to 56% of the iPhone in light mode. Finally, when the iPhone in light mode reaches 0% on the iPhone in dark mode there is still around 30% of battery

Does this mean that we should use the iPhone with OLED screen in dark mode always from now on? Not at all. Obviously there is a significant battery saving, but there is also if we put the screen in minimum brightness or even in black and white. Battery is saved in exchange for sacrificing screen features. The dark mode has significant visual inconsistencies and contrary to what you might think, A black background is not the right interface for the human eye.

         How much battery is saved using the dark mode? A new test tests the autonomy of the iPhone in dark and light mode

How much battery is saved using the dark mode?
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