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"Harmony OS does not replace Android"

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

2019 is being a tough year for the Huawei firm. Although "far" is the United States veto to the company, the truth is that its position is not the most idyllic, to the point that its own founder warns that the company is in a situation of "life or death."

The last device of the company, the Huawei Mate 30 comes to represent in an exceptional way the reality of the brand. An exceptional phone, with outstanding hardware but with a decaf Android without Google services. The solution to this is Harmony OS, Huawei's new operating system with which it is intended to replace Android. Or not?

According to Huawei, Harmony OS does not replace Android


Because although everything seems to indicate that Huawei wants to completely disconnect from Google and Android, according to recent statements from its CEO collected in the My Drivers digital medium, Ren Zhengfai, everything indicates otherwise. The CEO of the Chinese firm came to say that although Harmony OS will be at the level of iOS in just 2-3 years, Your goal is not to replace Android.

For the brand, Android remains an important element for its electronic devices and for that reason they will continue to support its development. Although Harmony OS has no problem and could be a perfectly independent operating system on its new devices, they believe that both systems can live side by side.

Surely more than honest statements, what we are facing is an intelligent movement not to scare the western consumer. Huawei knows perfectly well that Android is still the favorite bet for thousands of users throughout the world, so announcing that Google's operating system will be completely replaced by Huawei's own will mean losing – still more – many sales outside the Chinese market

What is evident is that relations between Google and Huawei are far from being as before. The question we ask ourselves is: survive Huawei out of China without Android?

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"Harmony OS does not replace Android"
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