Google Plus takes Facebook and LinkedIn in satisfaction survey

Google Plus takes Facebook and LinkedIn in satisfaction survey

When Google introduced its own social platform, Google+, comparisons and competition with Facebook were obvious. But little do we know that Google+ will become people's favorite within a year of its release. In fact, not a year has passed when G + opened its doors to common records (not invitations). According to US Customer Satisfaction Survey, Google Plus With Wikipedia they obtained the highest marks ( 78 of 100) while Facebook managed to overcome 60 points. A new adventure, Pinterest managed to score a decent 69, while Linkdin Y Twitter They were in 62 Y 63 respectively.

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This achievement Google Plus is due Mainly to three main factors:

  1. Constant improvement of the user interface
  2. Applications beautiful and fully functional on the mobile platform (especially Iphone and Ipad)
  3. No stupid ads

Google has been constantly working to improve the user experience and, as a result, has introduced several great features such as updates in Gmail, circles, hangouts And all those sweet candies. This has not only improved the user interface , It also allows users to see what they want to see and what they don't. Even applications for Ipad and Iphone (I don't think Apple likes them) They make the experience a pleasure. These applications highlight the main stories by making them appear larger in size than others. Mention simple and elegant graphics in addition to offers? In addition to these Plus features, what made Google+ a winner in the consumer satisfaction line was Facebook Timeline The last major Facebook update in a way ruined the experience for most users. In case Fb gave users the option to return to old Facebook, the social site will surely have achieved better grades in the survey. Another factor that is due to the popularity of Fb in this line was the introduction of more ads . Although this is good for advertisers, but not so good for regular users.

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While Fb visitors have been falling down, Google+ has been climbing when it comes to visitor statistics. Although Plus visitors (32 million) are nothing compared to Facebook (158 million), but Plus has already managed to pass another social platform, LinkedIn by 7 million visits Undoubtedly, G + is constantly gaining more users and, if Facebook does not improve its interface before, we will be forced to write a blog entitled " Google Plus suppresses Facebook fashion ".

It's time for a brainstorm dear Facebook.