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Get the dark mode on your Android whatever version you have with this app

Little by little we see how the color black is reaching applications and entire operating systems. If we look back, the dark mode landed on Android with the 9 Pie version, although its implementation has sometimes been relegated to the manufacturer's layer, which has sometimes been released before and sometimes later. Anyway, if your smartphone has no dark mode, there is a way for you to have it.

And there is an application that "forces" the system into dark mode, although there is no such option in the phone settings. And no, it is not an inverted colors on the screen, but it works differently.

Make your apps go to dark mode on Android even if your phone does not have l

As you may have seen, there are applications that adapt your background to black when it detects that the smartphone enters dark mode. We can check it with Instagram, Google Photos, Drive or the Play Store itself, which automatically become dark tones when the mode is activated in the terminal system.

But if for whatever reason our mobile does not have a native dark mode in its settings, there is no way that these apps will show up with the most typical aspect of night environments.

However, The Dark Mode application is able to "cheat" these apps telling them that the smartphone is in dark mode. Thus, once we have Dark Mode enabled, apps that already have this way like Instagram and others, will reveal their dark appearance.

In addition, Dark Mode has an option to program it and so the smartphone enters dark mode automatically at nightfall. Moreover, the content of the app is extremely simple, since we will literally only find a white background with three options to choose between "Day mode", "Night mode" and "Automatic".

Technically, the dark mode will not apply in the mens or in the general interface of your smartphone, but the compatible apps that wear your native black. To do this, you can always use Nova Launcher, which also has a dark mode that is also automated for some elements to change their tone (such as the app drawer, folders, Google search widget …).

If you want to enjoy the native night mode of the apps on a smartphone without the latest updates, this is your application

Let's take my case example: I have a Xiaomi Mi 5 at home that predictably no longer see more system updates (it stayed on Android 8.0 with the MIUI 10 layer) and that does not have a dark mode.

By using the Dark Mode app I can enjoy Instagram in dark mode, Google Photos in dark mode … and basically all those that implement their own dark mode.

The best of all is that we can download Dark Mode for free.