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Cristiano Ronaldo earns more as an influencer on Instagram than as a footballer

The visibility of the great influencers on Instagram It can be very profitable at the advertising level, and an example we have in the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, which thanks to its 186 million followers earns more as an influencer than by playing football, his main profession.

Cristiano Ronaldo will have won $ 47.8 million for his publications sponsored in the last year, with photos and Stories where he promotes products of various brands.

If we consider that public 49 post with advertising, earn about 1 million dollars for each photo that goes up to Instagram for a brand. This will place it at the level of Kim Kardashian, who also charges 1 million dollars per photo on Instagram when a brand wants to promote itself with her.

He CR7 contract in Juventus reports 34 million dollars a year, so it is clear that social networks are more profitable for the Portuguese player than football.

Colonies, clothing, sports accessories, tourism, champs … Whether with more or less discretion, most of Cristiano Ronaldo's Instagram posts are ads, such as those of the brand of anti-dandruff champs Clear:

Image - Cristiano Ronaldo earns more as an influencer on Instagram than as a footballer

Right now, the @cristiano account is the most followed in the social network of photography, only behind @instagram, which hardly admits comparisons, as it is the official profile of the application.

As we have seen, you can earn money by having many followers on Instagram, but only if you use this popularity to advertise or sell products and services. When we talk about an influencer of a very high level, the income becomes really high.

Cristiano Ronaldo super broadly to any player for income on Instagram, because Messi "barely" earns 23 million dollars a year, Beckham stays at 10.7 million and Neymar Jr at 7.2 million.

In fact, the players have left behind other influencers, such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, who were once the most followed people on Instagram.

Sponsorships have always been a significant income for lite athletes, and Cristiano Ronaldo shows that Instagram can give many benefits if you have a broad fan base.

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What do you think of Cristiano Ronaldo getting more profitability from his Instagram account than his football career?

Cristiano Ronaldo earns more as an influencer on Instagram than as a footballer
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