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Apple Wireless Charger Definitely Canceled

Wireless solutions are something that is eventually reaching our lives and with respect to smartphones it is a fact that every time they want to get away more from the use of any cable for its operation. We already live it with the wireless headphones and now is when the charge of these begins to level up leaving aside the cables in some devices.

Apple in 2017 present along with the iPhone X a wireless charger proposal as there is not in the market. Your device called Air power, basically promises to wirelessly charge up to three devices at the same time.

However, during the time that has passed since this presentation, this device has remained in a kind of limbo where Apple mentioned little about it on its official market launch. Of the things that were known was that They were still working on solving problems of overheating, interference and even design.

And well, despite the speculation that dictated that it will be presented earlier this year, it has been Dan Riccio, vice president of hardware engineer at Apple, who has declared the following for the media TechCrunch:

After much effort, we conclude that the AirPower does not achieve our high standards and we have canceled the project. We apologize to customers who were waiting for this release. We continue to believe that the future is wireless and we are committed to driving the wireless experience

This really indicates that Apple quiz was very ambitious with the project and that the problems were more serious than we thought. However, we must bear in mind that The cancellation of this project does not mean that the company does not continue working on the development of a better wireless load Whatever your name is – at least that's my opinion. Who knows? Apple still has to present an iPhone this year and could come with new proposals.

Didn't you expect the Air Power? Let me here in the comment box what has been your reaction to the decision by Apple, we are reading.

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