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Android N incorporates changes with its new preview


Android N incorporates changes with its new preview

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April 14, 2016

Nexus 9 updated

In recent weeks we have witnessed dozens of news about Android N. The new member of the great family of the most used software in the world, continues to give much to talk about and with each new correction or update that occurs in it, we are getting to know More features about this interface. Gradually, some users are unraveling more specifications from it thanks to the installation of beta versions on their devices. This also allows us to know all the faults present in the early stages and also helps developers to correct everything that, in the long term, can harm millions of terminals once it officially appears on the market.

A few hours ago, the second preview of the system. Then we tell you what it is, what are the new features that it incorporates and which will be added later to the software, and also, what bugs are corrected with respect to the latest tests of Android N They have been progressively dating. All this, aimed at paving the way for developers to soon launch the most stable version of an interface that, as we have mentioned on other occasions, is already present in more than 1 billion terminals worldwide.

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Change in the appearance of emojis

This element, although it may seem insignificant, has raised criticism from thousands of users for being objects with poor visual appeal and away from a more human appearance. The entity responsible for the design of these characters, is again Unicode, which has launched a ninth generation composed of 38 icons more than trying to satisfy a little more the demands of the public with new gestures such as the realization of selfies or animals.

Vulkan 3D

With the new preview, we see this function installed as standard, which was optional in previous versions. With this interface, it is sought on the one hand, an improvement in the appearance of icons and applications with the arrival of 3D and on the other, a optimization of games in the field of graphics and visual effects that are compatible with this new format.

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Stability improvements

During the last months, the versions of Android N that users already had available, were characterized by a high degree of instability which prevented a normal execution of the most basic tasks of the operating system. With the new update, errors are corrected such as unexpected closures of WiFi connections or work in the role of multiscreen.

Application management

On the other hand, we find more discrete improvements focused on easier software management, such as the possibility of introducing shortcuts to elements such as the calculator, changes in the visual appearance of indicators battery and, the most prominent, the possibility of obtaining information from a tool by sliding it to the bottom of the desktop or the ability to uninstall it if we move it up.

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How to get it?

If you want to know for yourself all that this preview can give you, you can access it if you have an account of Gmail and accessing Android Beta Program. Currently, the devices that can support this version are all models of the Nexus series from 5X to the most recent terminal launched by Google, Pixel C.

What we already know

To these functions that are aimed at improving the execution of the operating system for the future, others we already know are added. Among them we can find the multi-window mode and the possibility of activating it with the app scrolling through the screen, configure the priority that we grant to the different notifications that we can receive from applications in areas such as messaging, the option to show previous information on each parameter in the «Settings» menu or, also, the number lock We don't want to be contacted.