WiFi seguridad

Tips for greater security

WiFi security

Most people have a WiFi connection in their homes. It is the most comfortable way to connect to the Internet from any stay in the house, in addition to being ideal if we connect from the phone. In this sense, there are certain tricks to improve your speed at home, in a simple way. Although speed is not the only thing that worries, its safety is also essential.

Since a WiFi connection is vulnerable. So someone can sneak into it. This is something that forces us to take certain precautions, with which significantly reduce the risk that this will happen at any time. They are a series of simple tricks, but of great effectiveness.

Change serial data

How to remove devices connected to your Wi-Fi network with your Android phone

The most common is that we have received a router from the operator with which we have contracted Internet connection at home. This router arrives with a specific username and password, with which we can connect for the first time to the WiFi in our house. But we have to change this data as soon as possible.

If we keep such data, we are giving some facilities for someone to sneak in in our network Since there are calculators for the most common operators and routers, which allow a very quick way, in less than a minute, to have access to said WiFi network. So it is better that we put a new username and a new password on that network.

When changing the name of the WiFi, It is good to bet on something that has few clues about us or the operator. Therefore, avoid putting your name or the name of the operator or Internet companies you have. Something simple, but not revealing. Since it is normal for hackers to first look for those networks that give the feeling of being the easiest to hack, such as those with the name of the operator or router.

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Disable WPS

At present it is common for routers to not have WPS enabled when we receive them. Although in this sense it is better to make sure that it really is. This WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) is a hole in the security of such a connection, which can certainly generate many problems. It’s best to keep it disconnected all the time, as long as possible. Only if you have to add a new device to the network should it be activated. Otherwise, better have it disabled.

If in the worst case, there is someone who has connected to your WiFi or has had the password, there are still some solutions. Especially if you have not accessed the router. Since in this sense we have the possibility of make use of the MAC filter or filtering. This is something that will allow us to connect.

What possibilities does this wireless MAC give us? Thanks to it we have the possibility to add a blacklist or a whitelist of devices that have authorized access to the router. Therefore, those devices that are not ours, we will not give permission. Thus, only the computer, tablet or our Android phone (and other people living at home) will be able to use this WiFi connection at all times. Avoiding in this way that someone without permission connects to it.

In addition, there are Ways to know if someone has connected to our WiFi network. We can even do it with applications for our Android phone at all times. So it is very easy to use at all times.