Telefnica sells the iPad in Spain

iPad phone

According News telecinco who have contacted the company and these have ensured that they will be the ones who market the new Tablet from Manzana. And although they say they are in contacts but there is still nothing closed, the same sources explain that they will surely be the ones who commercialize and distribute it in Spain.

Although there are still no clear dates, probably the iPad it is sold in summer and the sale price does not vary to the figures offered in the United States, therefore the costs will be around:

  • 16 GB: 356
  • 32GB: 437
  • 64GB: 499

And add about 90 to each model if you want to add the 3G option.

It sounds strange the possibility that the exclusive marketing of the iPad be with Telephone yes Steve Jobs said yesterday that the device be free. This means that the operator to sell the device, but you cannot tie it to forced contracts of 18 or 24 months if you intend to sell it at the aforementioned prices.

For example, in Belgium where the iPhone is free, sold exclusively with the operator Mobistar, but I insist, they only sell it. One can enter the store, buy one (without any plan), go out, and go to the competition and put a SIM with another plan.