Farm Punks

Roll up to 80 different fruits downhill at Farm Punks

Farm Punks is a new casual from Noodlecake Studios which puts you in the position of being able to handle up to 80 different fruits that you will throw and drive downhill. Thanks to the gestures on the screen you can move that rotten apple sideways or even hit huge jumps.

A new casual title of this renowned videogame studio and that puts you in front of well-generated graphics with its own style that gives it a great tip. If you are looking for a fast-paced action game endless runner style, although with an end, it is already taking time to know all the ins and outs of Farm Punks.

Get downhill

In Farm Punks simply we have to take a fruit and see how it is released from a great canyon that will take it downhill to roll without stopping. But for you to reach your destination you will need our help. That is, we have to control it with quick lateral gestures and those jumps that will be activated when we press and hold a finger on the screen for a long time.

Farm punks

But not only will we be the ones who will drive that great variety of different fruits, but on the way to the goal we will see power ups, jumps and those poles that will be able to take us to the skies so that we even pass through the clouds.

Farm Punks is capable of generating good times, although it will cost us to get the controls and that downhill we have to throw this last fruit down. A whole 3D world with a visual style very well carried out and that offers us enough freedom to find different paths. Logically we must know how to use the jumps and those special elements to get ahead and reach the goal beforehand.

Sell ​​your fruit in Farm Punks

The funny thing about Farm Punks is that it has a history of background. Simply we are very special farmers and that we maintain a fruit farm. The special thing is how to throw the fruit downhill to get enough money to get more seeds and grow those trees.

Farm punks

Everything will be carried by different environments that range from the mountains to those valleys with their sunsets, and even fantastic environments with those who freak it out a bit. In total we will have about 30 unique trees that release up to 80 different fruits to the ground. All of them can be played, so you can see that there is great variety to enjoy this title published by Noodlecake Studios to the Google Play Store.

We also have access to vehicle unlocking and the ability to improve our farm and that canyon that is responsible for firing our fruit as far as possible. A game of fruits and with these heats comes luxury to start facing this summer that looks too hot as we have suffered these days.

A casual where to cover ourselves with fruit

Farm Punks is a total casual that mixes with what we usually call endless runner. It is important that you get the controls so that the games are fast and fun, since as we do not know how to do it, it will not be a matter of minutes when we begin to think that it is not a game for our style. Of course, if you like some freedom and good action, you will surely know Get the most out of this Noodlecake Studios game.


Technically it's pretty good and stands out a lot the environments, the character design and that action if we know how to get the point. It also highlights the original soundtrack and a game that with a good screen you can better appreciate the work carried out by its developers.

Farm Punks is currently in the public beta phase, but it's worked enough for you to really enjoy it. Another casual in which to run a lot and throw us down the mountain with all kinds of fruits. NoNoms can be a good casual alternative.

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Farm punks