Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Criminal Elements takes you to Walter White and his goal

QEu Walter White is one of the most evil in the history of television It's a truth, and now we have a Breaking Bad game on Android is more than true. And in fact, we have another Android game that is based on that of creating your base and sending your henchmen to end street gangs.

A pity, because we are before one of the best stories ever told in a TV series and that they have used a thousand times repeated game system at most Clash of Clans is to punish him and give them a bad grade. Of course we are going to do it, but since we have so much love for Walter White, the most outstanding professor in the southern United States and that border with Mexico must pass through these lines.

The smell of goal on your mobile

In Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements are not missing the Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and all those characters that have made this TV series so popular and that it is based on the crazy outcome of a chemistry professor who predicts cancer that will lead to death in a year.

Walter White

Our mission in this game is to help them to get out of those street gangs and turn Walter White into one of the most feared characters in those desert lands and where we find characters of all kinds.

Walter White

A luxury for fans of the series, although as they do with a game system that we already have very burned, we are left with a bit of sadness for not bringing us something new to enjoy a huge TV series.

Build your base in Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Mainly we will be building the base with the help of a series of criminals that we can take to those missions in which we simply have to release them so that they automatically take charge of getting off the enemy. If they are strong enough, they can do it without help, but as usually happens in these freemium games, as we complete missions enemies of greater combat power will appear.

Target lab

This forces us to improve the base, get better men and wait a few minutes to wait for those constructions we are creating to be finished. That is, pure bored demon freemium. Come on, if Walter White knew about him, he sure blew him up.

What we can highlight it's the laboratory in that mythical van and those places that are very recognizable from the TV series. In the laboratory we can cook the goal that will make the great protagonist of Breaking Bad so famous.

Expand your territory

Another objective will be expanding our territory, as happens in the series, so that White's goal can be sold without major problems. Creating our distribution network and setting our goal will be the goal, so you will need all those low-profile criminals that will soon be at your service. It is very clear that Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements It is a dedicated game for fans of this genre of building bases. It has its extras and touches, and for the fans of the series they will surely play it a lot until the freemium system limits them.


Technically not bad at all, although we miss a little more action in the attacks of the missions, since the animations are very simplistic and the effects could have been more curved. All the characters are well designed and it is in the illustration where we will find very good references and posters of the series. Some are to make screenshot and put them on the desktop.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements helps more from the series than from the game itself per se. This will help them in the first weeks, but sooner or later you will stop playing it because it lacks chicha and it has been based on a genre already very crushed because I don't know how many games in the Play Store. A pity Walter White, hopefully another study will do more with another delivery. Reigns: Game of Thrones if it hit the spot on what has to be done with a great TV series on Android.