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TikTok is making a smart phone

There are simply not enough smartphones in the world, so the parent company of TikTok is going to make one.

Yes, you read that right

ByteDance, the company behind the application that is like Vine if the videos were longer and had more copyrighted music, will make a smartphone.

ByteDance made the announcement Monday, saying it would partner with Chinese company Smartisan Technology to produce the phone, according to Reuters.


That a ByteDance smartphone takes months, with the idea that it will come pre-installed with the company's many popular applications as a point of sale.

There didn't seem to be many details in the ByteDance ad. Reuters described Smartisan as a name of "niche" in the Chinese smartphone market, so it is not clear what the scale and scope of this project will be.

As far as we know, the TikTok phone could not even reach the United States.

For now

All we can do is remember other occasions when Internet companies decided to launch into the smartphone market.

For example, it was rumored that Facebook was working on a "Facebook phone" Several years ago, but the company never ended up doing anything in the company. There was a partnership between Facebook and HTC for HTC First, which failed spectacularly.

Talking about dumps fires

Amazon also tried to make a phone once. The Fire Phone was launched in 2014 and was suspended a year later because nobody liked it. The smartphone market is difficult, but maybe ByteDance can make a dent

TikTok is making a smart phone
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