This is Gita, the changuito robot that takes you grocery shopping

This is Gita, the changuito robot that takes you grocery shopping

The vehicle developed by Piaggio can load up to 18 kilos and reaches a speed of 10 kilometers per hour

Orders from the supermarket can be delivered at home with the service offered by stores and shops, or through a managed order
from a mobile application. There is also the option to go in person and carry the bags with all the products in both hands, or leave that task to Gita, the
 of load developed by
Piaggio Fast Forward, the technology firm known for manufacturing Vespa motorcycles.

Gita is the final model of a prototype that Piaggio Fast Forward
It began to develop in 2017 and it will be released in November. With a capacity of 38 liters, the spherical robot is equipped with sensors and cameras to follow the owner of the equipment at a safe distance. It can carry up to 18 kilos of cargo and can reach a speed of up to 10 kilometers per hour.

This is how the Gita robot works

The Gita robot uses cameras and sensors to track user movements


Gita, a name based on the Italian word that means short trip according to its creators, is a robot that follows people, and does not work autonomously. It does not use GPS and thus works both outdoors and indoors. Its transport system is based on wheels that are suitable for driving on streets and sidewalks, but it cannot cover roads covered with sand, snow, mud or overgrown grass, and can only climb slopes of up to 16 degrees.

How the Piaggio robot was developed

The robot was developed by Piaggio Fast Forward, the technological division of the Italian firm known for Vespa motorcycles


The Piaggio Fast Forward robot has a four-hour autonomy with a battery that is fully charged in two hours. You can also restore the charge of a mobile phone.

With a weight of 25 kilos, Gita is for sale on its official site, available in red, gray and blue, with a price of about 3250 dollars.