There are already more than 600 thousand pre-orders to acquire the iQOO Pro 5G

There are already more than 600 thousand pre-orders to acquire the iQOO Pro 5G

iQOO Pro 5G

Soon the market will arrive on iQOO Pro 5G, the device that has a release date on October 22 – which is today – in just a few hours. Although it will first become official in China before any other country, there are already hundreds of thousands of users of this brand and others who will choose to have it in their hands as soon as it can be acquired.

The Chinese manufacturer, which works as a sub-brand of Vivo, made the smartphone available for several days, but not on a regular basis, of course, but so that it could be booked in advance by those fans who have been delighted with the iQOO original released several months ago as the first device of the firm and other models.

The number of units of the iQOO Pro 5G pre-ordered until a few hours ago was 600 thousand. At this time, that figure has been exceeded, so we are facing a terminal that already, in itself, has a fairly large popularity among Chinese users who are giving it a vote of confidence, even without having launched as such.

Live Reservations iQOO Pro 5G

The mobile, which, as the name implies, It comes with support for 5G networks, will be focused on the gaming section, which is supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset that it carries in its guts. Clearly it will have quite advanced game functions, as well as similar features that will cause, while the titles are executed, mainly, the phone does not suffer even the slightest mishap, such as overheating or lags for many hours of games.

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These are the certified specifications of the Vivo iQOO Pro 5G

The battery will be one of its strengths. It was previously confirmed that this is 4,500 mAh capacity and comes with support for fast charging. It was also allowed to glimpse a screen with reduced frames and a notch in it, as it was announced that it will house a triple rear camera.

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