El OnePlus One obligado a dejar de venderse en la India

The OnePlus One forced to stop selling in India

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<p style=Bad times those that seem to run for OnePlus, and once the expectation created by its terminal, the OnePlus One, has passed, to all the problems and critics that both the device and the form of sale has raised, now a new incident is added.

We have already talked on other occasions about the issue they have in hand with Micromax in India, due to Cyanogen’s development ofsoftware for Micromax, whathas left the OnePlus Oneconan uncertain futurein India.

First was the running out of a software partner, and now the ban on selling the OnePlus Onein Indiafollowing the legal actions initiated by Micromax.

Micromax, the demanding company, has brought before theDelhi Supreme Court allegation to prevent OnePlus One sales in India and for this it is based on the exclusive license it has to make use of Cyanogen and its software in the Indian subcontinent.

Micromax supports its demand in the fact that “will suffer irreparable damage and loss if OnePlus is allowed to continue with its illegal acts, which violate the agreement between Micromax and Cyanogen. ”

The first measure taken by the high court has beenprohibit selling, marketing or even importing your devices in India, preventing if this were not enough the arrival by any method to India of devices with the Cyanogen logo.

Another setback for Cyanogen, it’s pretty hard, remember tries to avoid the creation and development ofa custom ROM, which, with many Cyanogen influences, this list is expected in February.

Apparently the owners of these terminals they will not have supportofficial or updates, something that has ignited the mood among the owners.

It seems unlikely that Indian courts will reconsider their position, so it seems difficult the immediate future of OnePlus in India, although a ray of hope isXiaomi, who already experienced a similar situation a few days ago and then saw how theDelhi High Court cautiously lifted the ban.