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The best tablets and accessories that we can find according to Amazon


The tablets and accessories that Amazon advised to buy

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April 17, 2018

which tablet to buy for 150 euros

Last week we showed you a list of tablets and accessories with discounts on Amazon. The electronic purchase portal has become a crucial selling point in devices and objects linked to them. Therefore, from time to time we can find sales of all kinds designed for these items. However, there are different categories and emerged through a series of criteria established by the editors and designers of the portal.

Today we are going to show you a compilation of terminals and tools that have the badge «Amazon’s Choice». We will tell you more about this little recognition and see what are the most outstanding features of the media that have achieved it. Will they be worth it or will they have a series of benefits common to those of many other models that do not have it?

What is it?

Amazon’s Choice is a tool that, in theory, streamlines the buying process and helps you choose potential consumers better. It is a label which applies to those products in its catalog that meet three conditions: High valuation among other buyers, good price and fast shipping. It exists in all categories of the portal and in most cases, the objects that have it, appear in the top positions in the lists.

cheap 10 inch tablets


1. MediaPad T3 10

We open this compilation of tablets and accessories with a support of the Chinese technology Huawei that in the last hours has been on offer. We go back to review the most outstanding features of this device with two versions: one of 8 inches and another of 10. The largest is now for sale by 149 euros, 50 less than usual. The screen resolution reaches 1280 × 800 pixels and to this, a rear camera and a front camera of 5 and 2 Mpx respectively are added, a processor Snapdragon that reaches peaks of 1.4 Ghz, a 2 GB RAM and an initial storage capacity of 16. The operating system is Android Nougat.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Secondly, we find a terminal that, in theory, is the most sold within the supports of more than 7 inches in Amazon. It is one of Samsung's star tablets today while its possible successor is already giving more signs of life. Like the Huawei terminal, it has two different versions. However, the most popular is that of 10.1 inch, which is also accompanied by a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels. In terms of performance, we see a 2 GB RAM, a storage capacity of 16 expandable by MicroSD cards and also a processor manufactured by the Exynos series that reaches the 1.6 Ghz. Has Android Nougat and has been lowered to the doors of 200 euros.

10 inch samsung tablet

3. Amazon own tablets

We close the section of devices with which it can be considered as one of the current jewels of the crown of the purchase portal itself. It's about the Fire HD 8, which we saw in action in comparisons like this. Despite having some experience in the market, it seems to continue to enjoy popularity. On sale for some 130 euros, We highlight its most significant features: 8 inches with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels, processor that reaches 1.3 Ghz, 1.5 GB RAM and internal memory of 16, expandable by cards up to 256. According to its manufacturers, it has a range of up to 12 hours and also allows access to the catalog of more than one million Kindle books.


1. ZoeTree S1 speaker

We open the section of components for tablets that have the Amazon’s Choice badge with an object that we have already shown you in other compilations. It is currently for sale by 18 euros, half of your usual amount. It stands out for two characteristics: Its compatibility with a multitude of supports and the possibility of using it via Bluetooth with a maximum range of up to 10 meters. It has an autonomy that oscillates between 6 and 8 hours and a rectangular shape, with soft edges, which allows it to be transported more easily.

tablet speakers

2. USB charger

Secondly we find another object that is compatible with many terminals because it has two USB sockets which allow almost all devices to be connected to it. Currently it has been reduced by 45%, remaining around 10 euros. According to its creators, it adjusts one load power or another depending on the model that is connected, so that it does it in an "intelligent" way. In addition, it has a small LED indicator that warns of the state of the loads. In addition, it has a high voltage range, which facilitates its use in different regions and according to its creators, makes it ideal for travel.

3. Mixoo pencil

We close with an accessory that has also managed to position itself as one of the best sellers. Like the other objects we have shown you, it is suitable for smarthone and tablets alike. It is for sale by 9 euros and available in various colors. It stands out for its design, a mixture of stainless steel and aluminum and for a tip that, according to its manufacturers, offers greater precision in the paths and pulsations.

pencil mixoo tablets

What do you think of all the devices and tools we have shown you? Do you think they are worthy of Amazon’s Choice recognition? We leave you with related information such as a guide for Fire tablets in which we help you choose so you can learn more.

The best tablets and accessories that we can find according to Amazon
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