New update Google Calendar Android P

New update Google Calendar Android P

Once again, Google has released an update of another official application which we have integrated into our devices with pure Android and that is that we are talking about the official Google calendar app.

In this update, the new Android P design has been implemented, including the odd feature, the new material design design 2, the new typeface and new icons and images, we have the same order of months and the same interaction only now that the design It has changed completely and adapts more to the already updated applications of Android Google.

In the settings we can find the agenda, days, weeks and months as well as a search engine and of course the account registered as also four options marked as events, reminders, birthdays and holidays.

Of course it has configuration and in this you can adjust the app in General and even mark events from the maximum Google account, to download this application we will leave you a link since it is worth mentioning the play store is not available so you want to try it long before we recommend you download it on the link and start testing.

Download here