Google Voice with Siri

Google Voice now works with Siri on iPhone

Google Voice with Siri

Google Voice is one of the many services that the Mountain View company offers its fans. And precisely, users of this service have received excellent news: Google Voice can now work with Siri on iPhone. So if you want to know much more about this new update, you can't stop reading this post.

Siri is now better understood with Google Voice

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If you use a Google Voice number, you should already know that there are some obstacles that you have to endure. However, one of them disappear, since The latest update of Google Voice for iOS adds better support for Siri. This way users will only have to use a command like: "Hi Siri, call pap on Google Voice". And better yet, iPhone users can now also use Siri to send messages in Google Voice with a similar command.

Previously, iPhone users They can only use Google Voice with the app itself. So for those who rely a little more on voice commands, this is a good addition for sure. However, Voice users will have to enable this function manually in order to use it. To do so you just have to:

  • First, a default account must be established within the menu of Configuration in the Google Voice application.
  • Then enter the menu of IOS settings.
  • Select option Use with Siri.
  • Once there, enable Google Voice

And what about the Google Assistant?

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While this happens with Siri, Google Assistant still can't send messages via Google Voice or activate phone calls. If you try, the Assistant reply that "You still cannot send messages from Googlevoice", with that typographical error, or that “there is no phone number”Attached to a contact.

Hopefully, the fact that Siri is adding this functionality means that Google Voice compatibility with the Personal Assistant of the great G It's just around the corner.

And t Have you started using Google Voice with Siri on your iPhone?

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