Google Contacts update, design change

Google Contacts update, design change

Today, one of the Google applications has been updated, which is already in the majority of devices with pure Android installed and we are talking about the Google contacts application.

This was recently updated with the new design of Android 9.0 and is that the update has been released with version in which we find a new design setting so that it is shown more linear.

We can find the new color integration in the contacts as well as a new sidebar which is more accessible, in the bar you can find the user's name and of course the email as well as the sections of all contacts, suggestions, labels and settings.

You will have the possibility to manage your Google account from a single touch and that is that the application is already linked to be able to directly access Google without entering a browser.

This application will be found in apk mirror since it has not been released at the moment in the application store and is that if you want to try it as soon as possible you can download it from this page which is totally safe since it is certified.

We will leave you the download link in which you must select the application depends on the architecture of your device and once downloaded you should install it which will appear as an update package.

Download here