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Easter Egg and final impressions of preview 5


Android 7 Nougat: Easter Egg and final impressions of preview 5

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July 19, 2016

Android Nougat preview 5

As we told you a few days ago, Android 7 Nougat It is very close to its official deployment, and proof of this is that the last of the previous versions for developers saw the light last night, advancing another good handful of news of the next big system update. The most important thing: we are finally facing an environment with a acceptable stability although there are still some details to be polished. In less than a month, the thing can be completely resolved.

Four months ago, when the first one was launched preview from Android N We commented: it was not a good idea to install this version on a frequently used device, since it was still "in diapers." I have had the experience of stopping using my tablet, a Nexus 9 so often out of sheer despair, and the smoothness of the system used by Google devices disappeared at a stroke. Either way, we believe that the step has been positive to be able to get to know the advances first hand, although, yes, the surprise factor is reduced a little.

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Android 7 Nougat: much more stable and with small and interesting news

From what we have been seeing throughout these months it can be concluded that Android 7 Nougat, like Marshmallow, it will not bring profound changes in the interface but small modifications that continue to deepen the functional and aesthetic line released in Lollipop. It is what it touches. The change a couple of years ago was impressive and now it's time to maximize all that effort by polishing the base on which Android 5 started.

Android N OTA update

Our partners of The Free Android He has written an extensive article on all the details that have been appreciated so far in the latter preview, which is already named Nougat. We recommend you take a look but perhaps the most visible, if you look only at the 5th version, are the changes at the time of carrying out the initial setup of the device and in quick settings.

Easter Egg: how to make it work on Android 7 Nougat

Apparently, the Easter egg This year he has had a good part of the newsroom of the specialized media, trying to decipher it. Usually it was enough to go to Information on the tablet (or phone) and press repeatedly on the system version. In Nougat the thing has more crumb. We echo here what they tell in Android Authority since we have not put it firsthand but, apparently, the mechanics is to carry out that usual operation and once we get emoji with a cat, we lower the panel of quick settings and click on Edit to find a specific easter egg icon.

Android 7 Easter Egg

From that moment, among the quick settings we will see a empty plate and we must select it to choose what kind of food we want to give our cat. If we succeed, we will be collecting more kittens and that is roughly the challenge of this year.

Android 7.0 Nougat is very close to its official deployment

Easter Egg and final impressions of preview 5
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