Create Ambient Music from your iPad with the Aura Flux App

With the Aura Flux application you can become musicians simply by drawing shapes on your iPad.

From the same presentation of the iPad, the possibilities of the Cupertino's tablet in the sector of the music, not only as player, but also as a tool for creation of musical content.

Since then, many iPad applications designed for musicians have appeared, such as touch pianosguitars amplifiersbatteries sound effects.

Aura Flux comes to the App Store as an application of musical creation We like musicians as much as we don't know how to play any musical instrument. It is a tool with which you can create environmental music, from a series of drawings that the application interpret as music.

You can basically choose between 48 different types of sounds, which appear on the screen as nodes, and that you could join with lines to produce a meloda Depending on the nodes you use, the distance between the nodes, the unions between the different instruments. Once you have the drawing done, you can choose a background melody, and the application interpret your drawing playing the rhythms continuously.

Finally once you have your musical creation completed, when you play it you can make variations in the melody simply by pressing on different parts of the iPad screen. Also allows save creations musicals that you liked the most to play at another time. The only thing we miss is to export these creations to .mp3 or any other format to be able to share them with friends, or send them to the iPod.

The application Aura Flux for iPad It is already available in the App Store at a price of 1.59.

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