Xiaomi patent trying to solve the notch problem in a very unusual way

Xiaomi patent trying to solve the notch problem in a very unusual way

On the page we have
turned around the multiple ways in which brands have decided on
Remove the notch from the screens of your smartphones. After a not so
long season of being fashionable have simply decided to reduce it or
at best, remove it completely.

The ways in which we have seen the removal of the notch are through double screens, drop forms, rotating cameras and sliding mechanisms. However, the last way in which Xiaomi will take care of the notch is very questionable in the design section. And is that one of the latest patents that have been found about this company show a very unusual notch protruding outside the frames of a terminal.


Basically we will be
in front of an eyebrow-shaped notch with the big and ugly difference that it will be
the other way. Come on, it's like having a tab outside the smartphone forever
acting as a bra to take it out of our pockets.

We know that Xiaomi has
had some problems with your notch because notifications are not
they show correctly in the top bar, but this one would not be by much
The best way to solve the matter. In this case the smartphone design is
fully engaged

What do you think of such a device? Tell us if you would like to have it or not in the comment box below, we are reading.

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