Apple Card

the most successful launch in the history of a credit card

Apple Card

The Apple Card has undoubtedly been one of the releases of the year. This credit card has delighted thousands of Apple users eager to consume everything they need with their Apple Card. One of the partners of the apple company, Goldman Sachs, has assured that it has been one of the most successful releases in history.

Great business for Goldman Sachs

This credit card is generating great benefits for the North American bank which, in the words of its CEO, has ensured that in the last quarter there has been an unprecedented increase in the Apple Card application. This, without a doubt, has an impact on its use and, consequently, in the use of the credit line that the bank has enabled for this Apple product.

"In just three years, we have raised 55 billion dollars in deposits, five billion in loans have been generated, and we have built a successful credit card platform to launch Apple Card"Said Solomon, CEO of the bank

"Since August, we are pleased to see a high level of consumer demand for the Apple product. From an operational and risk perspective, we have managed the entry of thousands of users without any problem"

Apple Card

Remember that the Apple Card It can be requested by any iPhone user through its Wallet application. After a risk study, the card becomes virtual in the terminal. In addition, Apple sends each user a titanium card to use in places where there is no possibility to pay with Apple Pay. Although the truth is that this physical card is almost anecdotal, if we take into account that most establishments accept contactless payments.

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