The best movies with Dolby Atmos that you can't miss

The best movies with Dolby Atmos that you can't miss

Each year, the technology for watching movies improves, slowly advancing on its way to total cinematic immersion. However, sometimes the role of sound is overlooked. Sound design is a crucial aspect of filmmaking, which involves the audience in a way that images simply cannot, and Dolby Atmos is one of the most revolutionary formats for commercial and domestic cinemas. Therefore, you can not miss the best movies with Dolby Atmos that we show you below.

Dolby Atmos (and its rival DTS: X) offers improvements over traditional surround sound settings by placing each "sound object" (such as a radio alarm or a bee) in a specific place in the room. This allows highly detailed sound mixes. Therefore, we invite you to know a little more about Atmos in this guide and discover our selection of the best movies with Dolby Atmos to enjoy from the comfort of your home.


Atmos on Netflix?

Before jumping to the movie list (feel free to jump to the next page if you prefer), there are some things you should know.

If you are already paying for a Netflix subscription, you can also take advantage of Atmos offers. Netflix has some Atmos movies, but it is a fairly limited selection and you will need a plan that supports Ultra HD (4K) streaming.

Set your transmission quality to High or Automatic and then look for titles with the Atmos logo next to the description. Netflix support for Dolby Atmos varies from device to device, and that list changes regularly.

  • Apple TV 4K (requires tvOS 12 or later)
  • LG OLED TVs (2017 or newer models)
  • Panasonic TVs (2019 or newer models)
  • Pixel 4K Smart Tuner
  • Sharp TVs (2019 or newer models)
  • Sony Bravia Android TVs (2018 or newer models)
  • Toshiba TVs (2019 or newer models)
  • Vizio TVs (from 2018 or newer models)
  • Windows 10 computer or tablet (requires Windows 10 RS3 Build 16299 or later)
  • Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X

What about other transmission services?

According to Dolby's official website, Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes and Vudu are the only other services (other than Netflix) that offer Atmos support. As with Netflix, you want to browse the libraries of these services and look for the Dolby Atmos logo. Neither Hulu nor HBO currently supports any Dolby technology.

Digital copies vs. Blu-ray

In many cases, you will have to buy (or rent) a physical copy on Blu-ray to get the full Dolby Atmos experience. While a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray is not necessary to obtain Atmos, it is often not included with the 1080p Blu-ray version.

Most of the streaming services on demand, some of which also act as hosts for purchased digital copies, are not compatible with Dolby Atmos. That includes the Google Play Store. Although iTunes is compatible with Atmos in certain titles, you will need an Apple TV 4K to get that level of quality.

With the program Movies Anywhere Recently updated, most of the digital movies you own there, assuming they are not eligible, should also be automatically transferred to your Vudu library. Obviously, the selection of content compatible with Atmos is still limited, but it is better than nothing.

Note: Movies Anywhere It only includes Disney movies (Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar), Fox, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros., and some exclusivity agreements can prevent certain titles (even those created by the studies mentioned above) from appearing in all libraries.

What playback devices are compatible with Atmos?

To get the specific lists of compatible devices, you better go here and scroll down the web until you see a series of colored boxes with the heading ‘Enjoy Dolby Atmos on these products’.

Atmos is compatible with a wide range of devices, including televisions, smart phones, transmission boxes and Blu-ray players, but keep in mind that you will need an Atmos compatible sound system to hear the results.

What happens to the television series?

As expected, the movies that best take advantage of Dolby Atmos are action-packed movies that can best showcase the capabilities of technology.

And, taking into account that television series are produced taking into account that they will be seen in a living room, not on a movie screen, they do not include Atmos as a general rule.

However, this rule is slowly changing: Game of Thronesy Westworld HBO's have Dolby Atmos, but only if you buy seasons on Blu-ray. On Netflix, series like Altered Carbonas well as Daredevil Y Jessica Jones are enabled for Atmos, just like Luke Cage.