Spotify already allows all users to publish their podcasts

Spotify already allows all users to publish their podcasts

It's been a little over 3 years sinceSpotify began to have podcasts, and this time the platform wants to be more competitive to reduce the gap it has with Apple in the podcasting section, as the company intends to carry out in the service that userspublish your podcasts on the platform.

This new function offered by Spotify allows all users to give greater visibility to their content as it gives them the possibility to publish them on the platform, although this servicedo not allow hosting audio content on Spotify servers, because it simply links to the source where the podcast is hosted, something that saves the company's servers.

However, although this service does not allow hosting the podcast on Spotify servers, it does allow to have all the information related to the statistics of this, so it will also be possible to know who is listening to our podcast and also offer data on the demographic distribution of the listeners and their participation.

Thanks to the fact of being able to publish our podcasts on Spotify, it is possible to deliver the content to the 180 million users present on the platform itself.

What do you think of this new Spotify feature?