Samsung Music integrates with Spotify

Samsung Music integrates with Spotify

The great Samsung company is updating its applications and it is that several of these have recently been renewed and the one that is suffering the most from redesigns is the Samsung music application and it is that it opens a new design in integration with the large spotify platform.

There is a new renewal in its interface aspect, including the integration of this great music platform which is the most used worldwide, said design has been adjusted to the type of Spotify interface, thus offering the effect of fading between songs and suggestions of the platform.

The new version is which are already planning to update on Samsung devices, thanks to this integration the new Spotify tab is filled with a selection and recommendations of some playlists and opening the Spotify app without the need for a reproduction from Samsung music.

As for the new design, this calls for more tension and it is that the playback control bar is now rounded as well as it also works with gestures since you must slide up to expand and down to go back.

The tab bar at the top changes and it is that the separator line is lost as well as a new typeface is released to highlight several selected sections, if you still do not have the application updated you should check in Galaxy apps or directly in the Google Play app store.

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