How to remove and disable Talkback on Android definitely


And is that Talkback completely changes the way you use the terminal. Activated this function it is necessary to perform different gestures or actions guided by the voice of the assistant to do what we will do with a simple press on the panel. That is why, if you are going crazy and do not know how to silence that voice that speaks to you when you play the mobile, we will explain step by step what you should keep in mind so that it disappears once and for all.

So you can disable Talkback

The Talkback function, which is what makes your Android phone speak to you, is in the accessibility menu of the settings. Therefore, enter the section settings, intelligent assistance, accessibility. Once inside accessibility see the TalkBack option. You just have to click on the switch to disable it. As you already know that you have this function available, you may need it at some time. In that case, you can activate it again from the same section.

And if you are from iOS …

IOS devices also have an option similar to Android TalkBack. It’s about VoiceOver. In this case, this option is found in the settings section, under General, Accessibility. As with Android, having it activated changes the way you navigate. In fact, You can also activate it quickly by pressing the start button three times (or the side button on the iPhone X and following). Activated, you will hear a description of everything on the panel, since who is being contacted, the application on which you are located, or the battery level you have. You can also set the tone of voice or even choose the speech speed.