Dynamic Ads: custom real-time ads reach Snapchat

Dynamic Ads: custom real-time ads reach Snapchat


If you are a Snapchat user, be prepared to receive more advertisements. The company Snap Inc., owner of the popular social network Snapchat, presented its Dynamic Ads advertising platform, which allows to create ads and deliver them in real time to its users. Although the function that is already available on Google and Facebook, is a sign that the messenger application wants more participation in the advertising business.

With this platform, Snap seeks to attract a greater number of advertisers, especially in the direct consumer sales (DTC) segment. Although Instagram, owned by Facebook, has successfully developed this strategy, according to The Crunch, its users complain about saturation and high ad charges. In this environment, the eMarketer research company ensures that Snap has a small share in the global digital ad market. With a 0.5 percent share of revenue, it is far from 32 percent of Google and 21 percent of Facebook.

How Dynamics Ads work

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Dynamic Ads or dynamic ads platforms precisely and in real time segment the recipients of the advertising, from the websites that users visit, the searches they make on the internet or the interactions that are carried out in networks social.

With this data, articles are chosen from the product catalogs provided by the advertisers themselves and automatically sent to users who have relevant interests with those articles. In this way, the need to announce each product individually and manually is eliminated.

The notices will be prepared from five templates, which were specially designed for mobile devices. Advertisers should simply synchronize their catalog and allow the system to create advertising. For example, Snap automatically show shoes or electronic fitness products to users who are interested in sports activities, or clothing items for those interested in fashion, for example. As availability or prices change, the ads will also adjust.


Snap's dynamic ad platform is now available to advertisers around the world, but its campaigns will initially only reach Snapchat users in the United States. The global launch is planned for later. In Digital Trends in Spanish We will be attentive to these developments and we will be telling you.

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