Windows 10 April Update is leaving devices with Intel SSDs unusable

It is known that Intel SSDs are somewhat expensive compared to the competition in the SSD market, and now more problems are added thanks to Microsoft with its most recent updateWindows 10 April 2018 Update, so a small number of systems are getting blocked, something that is only happening on computers that have Intel SSDs

Because it is a very serious problem, Microsoft has decided to take action on the matter, so all teams that have an SSD by Intel are observing howthe update has been blocked to avoid performance and stability issues.

When trying to upgrade to Windows 10 April Update, updating on certain devices with certain Intel SSDs may enter a BIOS screen with an infinite loop of reboots or lock repeatedly.

Microsoft mentions that at the moment there is no alternative solution, so it is advised that users who have an Intel SSD, restore to the previous version of Windows 10 known as Fall Creators Update, or in the worst case proceed to format the SSD. Therefore while a solution is found, users will notice when they see that the update has been unlocked by Microsoft.

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