the first Google TWS headphones ┬╗ERdC

the first Google TWS headphones ┬╗ERdC

Google Pixel Buds: the first Google TWS headphones

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Together with the Pixel 4 and the Pixelbook Go, Google announced a new pair of wireless headphones today. They arrive under the well-known name from Pixel Buds (Google is staying with the same name they are with their 2017 Bluetooth wireless headphones, which have now been listed as ÔÇťThey are no longer availableÔÇŁ in the Google Store). The main difference with its predecessors is the design format, becoming TWS (completely wireless).

New Google Pixel Buds with TWS format

The new Pixel Buds have abandoned the twisted cable connection of their predecessor and are now completely wireless. In this way the mountain view giant joins this increasingly growing headphone segment. Last month, Amazon launched its own TWS format headphones called Echo Buds. Apple is another manufacturer that launched its second generation AirPods, while a third generation model is already circulating in recent leaks.

Features and functions

TWS Pixel Buds headphones they have custom designed 12 mm drivers. They are also present built-in sensors which automatically detect when we are talking and some microphones that help with noise cancellation. There is also a voice accelerometer which detects speech through vibrations in the jaw.

The product well in a white box with black rubber stamps which are visible even when closed. The charging case receives power through USB type C, and also wirelessly.

Pixel Buds are designed to have a secure fit and a good level of isolation. These also have what is called "environmental ventilationÔÇŁThat keeps us connected with what happens in the outside world. The buttons have what is called ÔÇťadaptive soundÔÇŁWhich automatically adjusts the volume depending on where we are.

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The Google Pixel Buds they are sweat and water resistant. They offer the function of translation in real timeHe and, of course, are also very integrated with Google Assistant.

As for autonomous, each headset It can last up to 5 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. Counting the capacity of the cargo box, they will provide up to 24 hours of use.

Price and availability

The new TWS Pixel Buds headphones reach the merado with a price of 179 dollars. They are available in up to four color options: Oh So Orange, Clearly White, Remove Mint and Almost Black. Will be available as of spring 2020, so they will be arriving much later than the Amazon Echo Buds that are shipped later this October.

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