Lenovo, conoce todos sus móviles y tablets Android

Lenovo, know all your Android phones and tablets

Lenovo is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Coming from China and with a large assortment of devices in the market, however contrary to what happens with other brands, in Latin America and Europe they are not as well known. The brand is recognized for its importance, but when we try to name its most famous terminals do not come to mind easily.

Let's do a Small review of the different Android phones and tablets that Lenovo has released. They just hit the table to become one of the big manufacturers and we are sure that we will hear a lot more from them from now on.

Lenovo has terminals in all ranges, differentiated in series with specific letters. But if there is a more recognized brand, it is precisely the one that has not arrived outside of China. IdeaPhone or LePhone, the name of one of the most successful ranges in the Asian country.

The IdeaPhone P770 or the old LephoneS2 are some examples of devices that used that termination. Here we will recognize them by their technical numbers or by the Vibe range, which is incorporating several very interesting high-end terminals. The only downside we can put to these terminals is that being from China is difficult to import. You decide if it's worth it.

A series

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The input series, most of them stay in China except those most successful that manage to go to the international market. We have seen for example the A859, 5-inch HD screen, 1GB and Mediatek processor with a thickness of 9.2mm.

The price of this series is among the € 50-150 and with the incorporation of Motorola and its Moto G it will be the range that will suffer the most competition.

P series

The series for resistant. Lenovo incorporates a large battery in these terminals, as we saw in the Lenovo P770 or the new Lenovo P780, a five-inch quad core and a 4000mAh super battery. They still have MediaTek processor, but for those who want a Large screen mobile and huge autonomy, this P series is around € 200.

S Series

A mid-range focused on those users who want to have enough power to play and consume video and also want to take decent pictures. The series with more Lenovo devices is the S series, with plastic body and metallic finishes.

We have seen the S930 and S650, the first is a six-inch phablet with similar specifications to those we are seeing so far, MediaTek and HD screen, while the second is very similar to his older brother except for the screen that is 4.5 ″.

And finally, Within the S series we find the S960, renamed Lenovo Vibe X, a clearly mid-high-end terminal, quad-core MediaTek processor, but five-inch FULLHD screen, 2000mAh, 2GB of RAM and a thickness of only 6.9mm.

The nomenclature seems to follow a pattern similar to that of other manufacturers, the first number for screen size and the second for power. The first terminals of The S range is around € 150-200, while the Vibe X is around € 260.

K series

lenovo K900

And we reach the high end. Metal finishes, ultra-thin design and leading specifications. We also have several models here. On the one hand the K800 or K860, with HD panel and Intel Atom Z2460 processor and then the K900, which for several months has been the high-end of Lenovo. Intel Atom Z2580 processor, 2GB of RAM, FULLHD display and an amazing design, no doubt a device that raised the bar of the brand like never before.

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But in the same way that the Vibe X was a model of the S range, the new Lenovo Vibe Z is actually the K910 that was leaked months ago and which we recently announced its exit to the international market for some € 320.

A version of the K900 this time with processor Snapdragon 800, same screen of 5.5 inches 1080p, a large battery of 3000mAh, 2GB, full compatibility with the Spanish LTE networks and Android 4.3. As we see, Lenovo's star terminal for early 2014.

In the tablet sector they have followed a similar strategy, with some more recognized brand such as IdeaPad Yoga, yet they also have devices for all users.

IpadTab Series A

ideatab-a2109-hero-tabbed "src =" https://elandroidelibre.elespanol.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/ideatab-a2109-hero-tabbed.jpg "width =" 672 "height =" 301 "/></p>
<p>Nails on <strong>technical characteristics contained</strong>, we have tablets of seven to ten inches, body with rounded corners and price content. Years ago we reviewed the A2109 and the current tablets of the A series (A3300, A3500<strong>, </strong>A7600, A5500) are equivalent to this but with more powerful features, some with integrated 3G and price around € 150.</p>
<h3>IdeaTad S Series</h3>
<p>This series is the equivalent of what is seen on mobile phones but on tablets. Lenovo has opted to incorporate docks and keyboards to its tablets to expand its use. We have from 7-inch tablets like the <strong>S5000</strong> for € 199 until <strong>S6000</strong>, ultra thin ten-inch tablet, nine hours of autonomy and MTK 8125 processor for € 299.</p>
<h3>IdeaPad Yoga</h3>
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