How to reset Bluetooth on macOS easily and safely

How to reset Bluetooth on macOS easily and safely

The use of wireless accessories with computers, such as mice and keyboards, has become common since they provide comfort when using them due to the absence of cables (and, in addition, their compatibility is excellent). Yes, sometimes it is possible to have some connection problem and, if this happens with your Apple computer, we show how to solve the failures by using Bluetooth in macOS.

If you have tried to connect a product that uses the aforementioned connection interface, and in the process everything has been "stuck", it may be the case that this does not change even if the laptop or desktop computer is restarted. If this happens, the best solution is restore the connectivity we talked about on the computer, something that fix all kinds of problems that may occur and that, in addition, is an option that exists in Apple's operating system (so security is complete).

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The process is quite simple, everything must be said, but some concrete steps must be taken that should not be changed in order – or jump -, since if this will not end the Bluetooth problems in macOS. In addition, it is important to comment that when doing this almost certainly the accessories you had paired in the list disappear, so you will have to synchronize again.

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How to restore Bluetooth connectivity on Apple computers

The first step, and very important, is that they should be send to trash two files in the operating system, which are located in the Preferences folder in the Library. The names are as follows: Y Once this is done, confirm that the removal is complete by emptying the place where the items you remove from the computer are stored.

You have already taken the initial step, and now you must find the Bluetooth connection logo on the top ribbon of the team with the development of the Cupertino company (s, the usual one with the letter "B" crossed). If this is not visible, you should go to Preferences and take the steps in the section of this connectivity so that it is always in the right place. Now you must press with the mouse and key combination Shift + Option in the corresponding icon. Among the options that appear is a so-called Reset Bluetooth module. It is the one you must select.

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The following is that you wait between two or three minutes for the process to be completed effectively and then reboot the computer as usual. Having done this, you will have finished resetting Bluetooth on macOS and, therefore, the problems are accessory, they will have disappeared (if this is not the case, or that something has been done wrong or, simply, the product you want to connect is not compatible or is broken). The case is that as it has been seen, everything is simple and also safe.