Xiaomi Mi Smartband 4

4 essential applications to use in Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Smartband 4

The Xiaomi Mi Band presented its new generation a few weeks ago, the fourth so far. This new generation comes with a new design and some additional functions, which users will surely like all over the world. In addition, the launch of it has already happened finally in Spain. To take advantage of the bracelet, many users use applications.

Therefore, we leave you with a series of applications with which to get more out of your Xiaomi Mi Band. The generation of the bracelet you have doesn't matter, since you can use these applications at all times. A good option to consider to use it better.

Mi Band Maps: navigation for Mi Band

A good application to use on the bracelet, especially if you have the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, is this app. It has only one function, but it is very useful in this regard. The application takes care of guide us at all times when we are using Google Maps. So we can receive notifications on the bracelet and thus be able to move easily when we are using the application. Very comfortable in this regard.

It is an easy-to-use application, which at all times fulfills the function for which we have purchased it. So it can be a good option if you want to access Google Maps directly on your wristband. Your download is priced at 0.99 euros, which is something that some users may not like too much.

Xiaomi Mi Smartband 4

Alert Bridge

It is possible that for many users the notifications on their Xiaomi Mi Band may not like them. Therefore, they look for other options, which will allow them notifications much more comfortable and easy to use. What this application will allow us is that we will customize them so that they are much more comfortable for us and fit the use we make of the bracelet. We will not miss any notification in this way when we are using the application.

Your download is completely free. Inside there is some announcement, but this does not affect the way we can use it. So it is a good app to keep in mind. Especially if the notification system in the Xiaomi Mi Band does not convince you. It's worth giving it a shot.


A very complete application, which users who have a Xiaomi Mi Band may like very much. Its main function is that it can completely replace Xiaomi Mi Fit on the bracelet. It has a number of advantages that make users go to bet on this application. It is a lightweight app, which also respects the privacy of users. It is also an application developed in open source. A good option to consider.

Unfortunately, This application cannot be downloaded from Google Play. We have to turn to an alternative application store to get hold of it. It is possible to download it from GitHub easily, in this link. It is a very light app, so it will hardly take up space. Surely it will allow you a better use for the Xiaomi Mi Band, regardless of the model you have. Its download is totally free, as you can imagine.

Xiaomi Mi Smartband 4

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

Last we have This other application is sure to be essential for Xiaomi Mi Band. It will give us a series of additional functions, which will allow us a much better use of the bracelet. Therefore, you can end up replacing Mi Fit on the bracelet. The additional options that we find in this application are graphic options. We can also activate the heart rate constantly. So the use we make of it is much more comfortable.

The application is free, although inside it we have some ads. But these ads do not prevent the use of it. Very comfortable to use and worthwhile.

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