You can no longer use Netflix borrowed password without paying for the service

You can no longer use Netflix borrowed password without paying for the service

netflix share password passwordsGenerally, streaming service passwords are known by family members so they can enjoy content in different rooms or devices, but it is no secret that this password is also shared with friends, neighbors, couples and acquaintances, who take advantage the possibility of entertainment without paying for the service. And if that's your case, we have bad news. Things may be about to change.

According to a recent report, Netflix is ​​in the process of implementing new software that prevents users from sharing their login ID and password with other people. In addition, that software will not be exclusive to the company, so other subscription service platforms may also join the trend.

Sources say that a technology company based in the United Kingdom called Synamedia revealed a type of artificial intelligence that could technically be used by any company to track users who share their login credentials.

In recent years there has been a proliferation of technology companies whose revenue model is based on subscription, and Netflix is ​​one of the precursors. However, according to the streaming giant, more than 25 percent of total subscribers have shared their password with friends or family, and to stop these practices, you will be thinking about using Synamedia's artificial intelligence.

But it's not just about users who have been sharing their information voluntarily. A series of investigations have shown that for some time, hackers have been hacking and selling Netflix passwords. The implementation of security measures by this new software can also prevent and deal with this problem.

For now, it seems that you still have some time to watch Netflix without having your own subscription, because until now it has not been confirmed whether or not the agreement with Synamedia was signed to stop these password exchange practices. Or maybe you can simply pay the $ 7.99 per month for basic service and sleep with a clear conscience.

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