Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review: Larable Lara

Do you have too much happiness in your life? Are you tired of raising the adventure? Then we have the game for you! Shadow of the Tomb of the Raider He offers to frown, pout and despair without stopping mixed with a lot of incoherent stories! Oh, and there is a totally boring season pass! Act now and you can also see how Lara Croft goes from being a game legend to an unbearable person! Awesome, right?

How is that for a revision introduction? Now that you know that things are not going to be very positive, let me summarize my feelings. Shadow It is a technically competent game with a fairly solid gameplay ruined by an ineffective writing, a hideous narration and a very unpleasant protagonist.

Lara never learned to share. If he sees a weapon he wants, he takes it. It is just his style.

So that you don't think that I am a kind of hate, let me say emphatically that loved the first two games and I hoped that this game could bridge the gap between the young and apprehensive restart of Lara and the confident and ingenious Lara of the nineties. Rather, we finish the triloga with a truly pitiful Lara and a very mediocre game.

A different developer

As it did Shadow It turned out so bad? The answer requires deepening development details. The restart of 2013, tomb Raider, and the sequel to 2015, Rise of the Tomb Raider, both were made by the very talented Crystal Dynamics. Then, for some strange reason, Square Enix delivered this beloved franchise to Eidos Montral.

As a natural result, Shadow It feels out of place and inconsistent. It is not based on the solid improvements of the second critically acclaimed game and feels like a minor developer who made a big confusion of everything … because they did.

Lara's sad and desperate face will fit into one of those commercial antidepressants.

Not only the general rhythm and the platform are inferior, but the story and the characters are out of focus. What should have been Lara's triumphant time to shine becomes a confusing mess … a (forgive the pun) shadow of the previous Tomb Raiders.

"Clean behind your ears or cook them for dinner."– A native mother raising … maybe she's kidding?

The end result: the game is very playable but without inspiration. Buy it very cheap because it feels like a cheap imitation of the first two truly creative and inspiring games.

I wish the whole game was a pleasant jungle walk with the best friends!

Now that you know my feelings, let me prove my case, starting with the good things.