Review of 1More Stylish headphones

Review of 1More Stylish headphones



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The totally wireless headphones that everyone will like.

The good

    Basic water resistance Long battery life Clear and aptX-enabled sound Compact charger case Extremely comfortable

The bad

    No built-in volume controls No ability to let ambient sound through



We cannot resist a good price.

Whether wandering in the supermarket or looking at things on Amazon, the price / performance ratio is something we consider important when buying anything. That's why the 1More Stylish are our new favorite wireless headphones. With a price of only $ 100, they outperform Apple AirPods with a more durable battery, more ergonomic design and overall better sound. But they are not only better than AirPods: they are better than most other, more expensive options.


With round rubber fins outside the oval headphones, this second-generation Stylish model is identical to the company's first wireless product, the Stylish TWS, a pair that debuted last year with a warm reception, largely due to its terrible 2.5 hours of battery per charge.

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The new headphones are surprisingly light and comfortable, and thanks to the fins they never fall off your ears. With four sets of tips and three sizes of fins included, it is almost a fact that you will be perfectly fit.

Another thing in its favor is the variety of color. The new model is available in four colors pink, gold, mint green and black. Its elegant oval charger case is the same color as the headphones and is charged with a micro USB cable included.


These headphones contain a lot of energy. The 1More Stylish offers six and a half hours of use time on a single charge (using them at 50 percent of the volume). That's less than the new and expensive Powerbeats Pro, but it's about an hour and a half more than Apple's AirPods, and half an hour more than Samsung's Galaxy Buds.

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The charger case, despite being very light, offers three additional charges, for a total of 26 hours of use, which equals or exceeds virtually all major brand models.

In terms of connectivity, 1More is determined to offer the best possible wireless sound experience, so the new Stylish works with the aptX and AAC cdecs, with which you can listen to your favorite songs with high quality.

1More is determined to offer the best possible wireless sound experience.