Nokia 1 Plus a new entry range with Pure Android

Nokia 1 Plus a new entry range with Pure Android

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announced the arrival in Mexico of Nokia 1 Plus, the new member of the Android smart phone family (Go edition). Nokia 1 Plus is one of the first smartphones with Android 9 (Go edition) in the world, which offers solid images on a Nokia device with high quality design and a large screen. Now you can enjoy all your favorite applications and games, along with the latest Android features (Go edition), such as Google Assistant Go.

Al Bauelos, CEO for Mexico at HMD Global He affirmed that »People who buy smartphones for the first time, in many cases are making a great financial commitment, so they aspire to get a great experience of a brand they trust. With our product philosophy of investing in what people are really interested in, and delivering the best of Android, our goal is to offer an outstanding product to people who can often feel forgotten. That's why the Nokia 1 Plus combines a large screen, solid images, design with an exclusive nano-pattern finish and the latest Android 9 Pie (Go edition) ».Modern design and quality combined with a large screen

He Nokia 1 Plus introduces an attractive and avant-garde design. When using innovative materials with 3D tools, a magnificent textured pattern is achieved on the back that covers the Nokia 1 Plus to the screen Its polycarbonate cover is inherently colored instead of painted (the color extends along, so it doesn't look white when scratched or hit), which provides a unique texture for a sophisticated appearance.

With the Nokia 1 Plus, we are introducing a mid-range screen size at exceptionally accessible prices. The reduction of the edges means more space on the screen that allows you to see content in better quality, perfect for enjoying applications and programs. The IPS 1: 5.45 ″ screen of Nokia 1 Plus It means a better display quality for tasks such as surfing the web, streaming your favorite content and having fun with games. With its scarce 8.55 mm wide, The Nokia 1 Plus provides comfort, a modern look and an impressive feeling at hand to more people around the world.Capture stunning selfies with the "Beautify" feature

Capture amazing details in your photos with the auto-focused rear camera Nokia 1 Plus and raise your level of selfies with the new front camera, improved with the ‘Beautification function’, which perfects the selfies, allowing to highlight the natural characteristics by softening its appearance and highlighting its brighter side.

Nokia 1 Plus It comes equipped with an advanced MediaTek chipset Four-core, designed to provide enhanced image quality with color-adaptive noise reduction, offering a solid image experience on an accessible device, to get better photos in all aspects. The four-core chip has been optimized to capture images amazing besides being efficient in terms of energy consumption. This, combined with the 8MP rear camera with autofocus and LED flash, as well as the 5MP front camera, allows fans to perfectly capture their favorite stories and share them on social networks.Android 9 Pie (Go edition), pure, safe, always updated, and getting better

With the last Android 9 Pie (Go edition), the Nokia 1 PluIt's optimized to offer a fluid and responsive experience that improves over time. In addition, you can get even more space for your photos and videos with unlimited, high-quality storage from Google Photos1

Get full access to the Google Play store with Android-optimized applications (Go edition) that appear first to facilitate your search. Download all essential applications like WhatsApp and Facebook and get access to the latest Google experiences, as Google Assistant Go

Nokia 1 Plus does not include bloatware, masks, or user interface changes, as well as unnecessary pre-installed applications or hidden processes that consume the useful life of the battery. The Nokia 1 Plus also offers first-line security features, such as verified startup and an accessible control panel for tracking and monitoring data consumption to keep your information secure.

Prices and availability

Nokia 1 Plus is available in Red and Blue at Wal-Mart stores at an average price of $ 2,499 MXN.

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