iPhone 11 Pro

IPhone sales grow in 2020 thanks to iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2

iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 has opened a new trend in terms of sales for Apple, if last year we were only talking about declines in units sold, it seems that the new generation is reaping important successes. We already told you that Apple had increased the production of its new models by 8 million units and now Ming-Chi Kuo, an expert analyst at Apple, points out that this growth will continue next year.


According to the information that Kuo manages, both the iPhone 11 and the new iPhone SE 2 will make iPhone sales grow 10% in early 2020. Kuo already revealed the good performance of the new models and better their forecasts. Wait for Apple to finish 2019 with sales of between 70 and 75 million iPhone 11It even assures that they could have been better if the production had accompanied the demand.

IPhone sales grow again

The new iPhone 11 models are selling much better than Apple itself expected, this coupled with the possible launch of the new iPhone SE 2 in early 2020 will make iPhone sales improve substantially compared to last year during the first quarter of 2020.

"We expect combined iPhone sales in 1Q20 to grow around 10% year-on-year thanks to the demand for iPhone 11 driven by more affordable prices and iPhone SE 2 sales starting in 1Q20. We estimate that iPhone sales in this period will be 4550 million units (the iPhone 11 Pro series and the iPhone 11 will have sales of 1315 and 2224 million units respectively). This exceeds 42 million iPhone units sold in 1Q19 (the iPhone XS sold around 12 million units and the iPhone XR sold around 14 million units) ”

As we can see, not only are they going to sell more iPhone in total, the great news is that the new models will monopolize almost the majority of sales. According to Kuo the iPhone 11 sell between 22 and 24 million units, compared to the 14 million iPhone XR sold. All this only during the first quarter of 2020.

To the two current models must be added at the beginning of next year or the new iPhone SE 2, a very similar device in spirit to that first model. Apple reuse an already known chassis and introduce inside the powerful Bionic A13 processor.