Google Fit

How to configure the application on our phone

Google Fit

Google Fit has become one of the most popular applications at the time of registering your physical activity. Last year the application changed its design radically, with a much easier to use interface. Thanks to the app, you can have simple control over your physical activity on a daily basis, from the steps you take, to the calories burned or the distance you have traveled. In addition, it is possible to register workouts in it.

It is an app that is very useful and possibly many users are thinking of downloading to their phones. When it is first downloaded, it is important to set up a series of data, so that it fits our use. This is something essential.

The first thing we have to do is download Google Fit on our Android phone. Like all Google applications, downloading it is free, in addition to not having any ads inside it. So we will not have any distractions when making use of the application on the phone. If you are interested in it, you can download it from the Play Store in this link:

Set up Google Fit on Android

Google Fit Profile

Once Google Fit has been downloaded to your Android smartphone, One of the first steps is to log in with your account. We can associate it with our Google account directly, which is what most users usually do. When you have done this, we will first be asked to enter a series of personal data, to establish in the app.

We are asked to enter the height and weight we have, in addition to the date of birth. The issue of weight is something that may be of interest, since the application has a function that allows us to introduce our weight over time, so that we see an evolution in this regard. So it is an important fact. You may not know the exact weight at that time and do not have a scale. You can always enter an approximate value and modify it later.

Enter this data in Google Fit, we already have a profile in the application. Although we also have another pair of data to configure in the app, which are essential for its operation. We have to configure this data in the next section.

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Daily goals

Google Fit goals

Google Fit is based on a series of daily goals. The application divides this into two clear categories, which are what we see when we enter it. Each of these categories has a meaning or purpose. Therefore, we tell you more about what they mean, in addition to how they are configured:

  • Activity minutes: It's about the time we spend moving each day. The physical activity that we carry out in the day is collected, from walking, running or the training or activities that we register manually in the app. By default, a recommended minimum of 60 minutes is set in this section.
  • Cardio points: This is the second category, in which we find those activities that make our heart beat faster. For example, cycling, running, fast walks, etc. In this case at least a total of 10 points is put.

It is possible that depending on the activity we follow daily, the points or objectives set in Google Fit are not realistic for us. That's why we always have the possibility of modifying them in the application. So we establish a different system, which for us is more comfortable or better suited to the use we make of this app in our day to day.