Google Keep

Google Keep already has the dark mode for all users

Google Keep

A few months ago it was confirmed that Google Keep was preparing to introduce the dark mode in one of its updates. A few weeks ago in the beta of the app notes we could finally see. Although at that time it was a small number of users who had access to it. Finally, The dark mode makes its entrance officially.

Users who have Google Keep are going to to enjoy this function in the popular notes application. A function that many looked forward to and can now use at all times. The way to activate it is very simple in the application.

The dark mode in Google Keep can be activated in the app settings. Therefore, when we enter the app, we have to slide its side menu and enter its settings. In them we already have the option to activate this dark mode in a simple way. We just have to activate the switch.

Google Keep Dark Mode

The update has started to launch now. So if you use the application you may already have access to it, so you will enjoy this mode in the notes app. It has already become one of the most popular on Android, with more than 500 million downloads so far.

Since last year we are seeing how Google applications get dark mode. Google Keep thus becomes the most recent and one of the last to have access to this feature. So you can finally enjoy it, in a very simple way as you can see.

Surely these weeks there are more applications than follow the steps of Google Keep on getting the dark mode. Since this function continues to gain presence in Android in a remarkable way.

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