Download Pokmon Wave Hello on your mobile

Download Pokmon Wave Hello on your mobile

The new Google Pixel 4 have the technologyMotion sense in exclusive. A motion detection system that allows control of the device without touching the screen, with movements in front of it with one hand. And what better way toshowhow it works, and help users learn to squeeze this technology, which with aminigame. Mountain View firm has launchedPokmon Wave Hello exclusively for this family of terminals, but we can nowdownload the APK

Pokmon Wave Hello It is a minigame of the recognized creatures that, as we advanced, comes preinstalled in the Google Pixel 4 and is exclusive to them. It is nothing more than a minigame that serves to demonstrate the operation of Motion Sense and as a guide for its use. But as usual, when the terminals have not done more than show up, the installation file has already been filtered and we candownload the APK to be able to install it on any smart phone. Of course, without being able to use Motion Sense and taking advantage of the touch controls instead.

Nothing more openPokmon Wave Hello We will consult the app if we want to useMotion senseonly in Google Pixel 4- or of the touch controls. And the next thing is to open aPok Ball from which Pikachu comes out. It is the first Pokmon with which we will interact, but after performing its specific actions, others will appear. With each of them we will perform a series of actions, and at the end of the whole we will be allowed to choose which Pok Ball we want to reopen, if we want to repeat the interactions with a particular Pokmon.

Download the APK of Pokmon Wave Hello on any Android mobile

The minigame is not available in the Google Play Store; this time we have to resort to third-party servers such as, for example,APKMirror. The following link is where we can download the free APK to install the application on our smart phone. And we have been able to verify that it works on any mobile, with the only detail that Motion Sense cannot be used. If we try, we will be taken to the Play Store to download the Motion Sense APK, which is obviously only compatible with Google Pixel 4.

It is not a minigame too long, nor too entertaining. In Pixel 4 it makes sense because it serves as a demo and tutorial, but in any other mobile we just give a couple of minutes of entertainment with these known creatures that, without a doubt, we can enjoy a lot more in all Pokmon games for Android.