Alabama Jones

Alabama Bones takes you to the best pixel art of the moment in Indiana

Alabama Bones is a tribute to the Indiana Jones of the 90s that we could see in the computers of the time; developed by Lucasfilm in his day. Here we will take the whip to become Alabama Bones and look for those relics with which we will get penguins benefits in our adventures.

All an ode to pixel art with that visual style so characteristic of the time and that today is still in a huge state of shape. And the truth that makes it graphically a game to be displayed on the screen of our mobile and without forgetting a gameplay that, as in Mario Run, will force us to perform actions at the right times.

Alabama Bones with its special whip

Alabama Bones it leads us to explore a good amount of levels that have forgotten temples around those of lost jungles. That is, if you are a fan of some of the first Indiana Jones movies, such as that of the Cursed Temple, you can now download this new Android title.

Alabama Bones

It uses a fairly simple game mechanic, since with a single press At the right time, our hero with a hat and whip can perform all kinds of actions such as climbing stairs, taking vines to move to platforms or simply actuate mechanisms.

Alabama Bones on Android

It must be said that our hero will automatically move from side to side. That is, if you touch a wall, it will move in the opposite direction until we act on any of the actions that we will find along the way. You have to be careful to try to collect the 3 relics for each level.

3 relics per level in Alabama Bones

So we will explore a lot of levels in which we have to collect the relics to try to complete the level with stars; as usually happens with as many platforms or casual. Keep in mind that you will have to try again to collect those relics but have not been eliminated before; By the way, here we are facing a freemium that uses advertising, so after the first death, go waiting for an ad of almost 30 seconds.


The first levels will be quite easy, but in a matter of a few, we will start to notice that the difficulty curve is ascending. Especially if our maxim is to collect the three relics and finish the levels religiously. The truth is that if we do not do it, we will miss part of the fun that Alabama Bones hides, a title that can surprise our own and strangers.

Maybe you can have your detractors for what we simply participate in in the way of doing fair actions, but in fact, after going through Super Mario Run, they have known to take advantage of that way of understanding the movement of our hero with the whip and his hat.

Many levels to enjoy

In Alabama Bones we will have a high number of levels to complete. Every few will find new environments, difficulties and mechanisms that will force us to break our heads a little to complete them. A casual platform that we are waiting for the first time we have played a game, so we leave it in one of the surprises of these last weeks; Nor do we forget the hitch we suffered with Archero.

Casual Indiana Jones

Technically it is an ode to pixel art as we have mentioned. Environments full of color with their shadows and contrasts that remind us of the best of this kind of visual style that we saw at the time on computers such as the Atari 520st or the Amiga. On an AMOLED screen it looks scary, so if you have one, you will be surprised by how good it looks.

Alabama Bones arrives with all the intentions of becoming one of those platforms That can catch the attention of many. And although at the moment it has not very good reviews, our experience has been more than optimal, with the exception of that publicity, but it can be understood. We would like to have a premium option to eliminate advertising for 0.99-2 euros. Hopefully the developer will listen to us.