Why iOS 13 is a big leap for the iPhone

Why iOS 13 is a big leap for the iPhone

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New version of iOS and the sequence of events is repeated cyclically: the network is discussed in exchange of complaints, praises, dramatic battery problems, bugs The truth is that Apple has achieved it again with the new version of its operating system: it offers users the feeling of having a new iPhone through a simple download. Although these updates always relive the struggle between platforms and Android fans see it as somewhat smaller, the truth is that Apple takes longer steps than it seems in its measures updates. Personally, iOS 13 has meant, as few, an update in which I felt my iPhone XR renewed.

A well measured jump

IOS 13 Reminders App

Those who argue that Android already did it with each new version, we must answer two things. The first is that they are right; the second, that they have not understood anything about the functioning of Apple and its ecosystem. We will extend these arguments: on the first, it is undeniable that those of Cupertino usually arrive, usually, later to certain technologies (dark mode, copy-paste in their day), but it is also true that they do it without cracks and with a solid execution. The famous it just works (it just works) has more draft than an always slogan.

And that brings us to the second argument: Apple does not fight to be the first or lose a single dollar of its resources in it, because its priority is very different and is to do things well harmonizing the user experience. The Californian manufacturer is aware of the importance of satisfaction among its customers and addresses a much broader public, among those from grandparents to Early adopters In this sense, iOS 13 has remained true to the philosophy of the house: it is a big jump, but well measured.

The improvements you see

But a new operating system will not be such if the user does not see the improvements with his own eyes. Apple has detailed them in an extensive page dedicated to iOS 13, in which one draws attention to the scope of this new version. But for no go through the branches, the first thing that the user sees is the option of the dark mode: Apple has managed to integrate this chromatic change in the system so that there are no edges or lost remnants, because the integration is total and it seems that it would always have been there. We are not going to highlight now the advantages of the dark mode, but we will only remind you that this color scheme is more rested for the eyes and consumes less battery when the black color prevails (especially in OLED screens).

iPhone 11 features

The other big improvement comes in the form of two popular applications that will see their possibilities triggered: Reminders and Notes. In short, a telephone is our "pocket brain" and we all take notes or set reminders to not forget anything.

In iOS 13, Reminders opens a much more intuitive interface and endorses some features in third-party software, such as being able to set a reminder with an alert with a couple of touches or details of the house, such as taking advantage of the integration of the platform, establishing a reminder based on the messages we send to a contact and, of course, those based on location.

Notes has become the one that can potentially be the most used app on the iPhone: iOS 13 now offers a thumbnail view of the notes that will make it much easier to locate a particular entry, especially if it has an image.

In addition, folders can now be shared, which facilitates collaborative work or sharing information with family or friends. The last big news is that Apple allows the search in attached documents, scanned and even photos, so if you are looking for a dog as text, the system will show you the entries that contain the image of man's best friend.

The improvements they feel

best trends in 2019 smartphones face unlock face unlock

But Apple always stands out for influencing more in what is not seen, but feels, in the performances. In this sense, those who have updated will have noticed that the unlocking via Face ID is significantly faster and is that it is: up to 30 percent faster for those who have an iPhone X, XR or XS, and this shows.

On the other hand, the user will perceive a greater sense of control over their privacy, because the first thing that is perceived when updating to iOS 13 is a persistent series of alerts about the permissions granted to both Bluetooth connections and the background location. In both, the system urges the person to confirm these permissions and spreads the message with real data, such as the times that a given app has placed the user in the background in recent days.

Personally, it was unpleasant to discover that Carrefour Pass, a payment app linked to a card, had followed me in recent years on a route that iOS has drawn on a map without a real need for it: cancel the location, of course.

You will also notice wonderful integration of the gesture keyboard and, being a user of SwiftKey and Google Keyboard for a long time, I can say that the Apple keyboard has been late but it is much more precise.

Finally, iOS 13 incorporates a peculiar application of artificial intelligence and, in this case, dedicated to the battery: analyze the user's charging habits so that the charge is braked at 80 percent except when we usually remove the iPhone from the charger . What do you earn with this? Extend the life of the battery in a clean way and without getting rid of complacency.

It is possible that iOS 13 should be polished in many aspects, but it is a great leap in the experience and possibilities of using the platform. The signature of the apple, in addition, is still faithful to its principles, allowing the iPhone catalog to be updated. Well played, Apple.

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