Why does iPhone Face ID with sunglasses not work?

Why does iPhone Face ID with sunglasses not work?

Apple's Face ID can be good for many reasons, even though we hate that the notchcontinue to take away space on the screen (since there are the sensors that allow you to unlock the phone). Since the launch of the iPhone, those of Cupertino eliminated the Touch ID leaving as a unique alternative facial recognition that is, say, a better option than its predecessor. However, it has an annoying detail: it is not unlocked when the user is wearing sunglasses.

Although the new generation of the iPhone 11 presented improvements that made the Face ID much faster, making it work from many more angles. And according to Business Insider, even the Pro version of the phone still doesn't work with dark lenses, but there is a very simple and convincing explanation for what happens in this way.

Apple explained to Business insider, The Face ID requires three main elements to unlock the terminal: You need to see the user's eyes, nose and mouth. Which means that if some of these traits are hidden, facial recognition simply doesn't work. Although the company also detailed that in fact, its technology is able to recognize the face of a person under sunglasses when they meet very specific characteristics. For this they must have high transmission and low reflection sunscreens so that the Face ID is optimal, since the facial recognition works in the infrared spectrum between 930 and 950 nanometers.

Apple said the Face ID It works with ‚Äúsunglasses in all its categories‚ÄĚ but they need to be high transmission lenses so that the infrared can detect the user's eyes.

On the other hand, there is an option to configure the security of the phone and allow even when the glasses do not meet the characteristics specified by Apple, the phone is unlocked. Of course, I do not recommend it for obvious reasons, but it is possible by going to the Configuration of the iPhone and click on Face ID and disable Require attention to use Face ID.

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