The best free books for Kindle: download these titles

The best free books for Kindle: download these titles

Although there are a number of readers of ebooks available in the market, the Amazon Kindle is the most popular. Fortunately for its owners, there are thousands of free Kindle books available on Amazon, Google Play and a wide range of other sources. It is often difficult to believe that the Kindle exists since 2007. And although it has manufactured a series of tablets since then, Kindle remains the flagship. To help you distinguish the relevant from the accessory, we gather some of the best free Kindle books available, among which are many public domain works. Never before has it been so easy to be a fantastic literature without having to go to your library!

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To consider…

You should consider that Google Play does not offer books with the Kindle format as Amazon and Project Gutenberg do. Instead of files in AZW and KF8 formats, you should download them as PDF files. To do this, from your computer you must navigate to your Google Play Book library, click on the three squares in the upper right corner of any title and select “Download PDF” from the drop-down list. Then, select the saved file, drag it and find it on your device.

In Spanish

free books for kindle love smells like coffee

If you like love stories, you will like Love smells like coffee. In their pages you will find, like a small coffee maker and a gypsy with disturbing green eyes, they escort the stories of a maladaptive university student, two professionals in their thirties obsessed with personal success and a retired person tortured by the loss they still have much to discover. These are everyday and intimate stories about the search for happiness that escapes between frustration, broken dreams and the daily routine.

Amazon Spain

free books for kindle the corner of the storms

If you are looking for a story about a murder, the truth is that The corner of the storms It has some of it. Moreover, the blood splashes the Solo brothers, two very different twins. However, they have something in common: both hide a gift or a curse, as you look.

Amazon Spain

free books for kindle it's always a long time

In the ebook of Forever is a lot of timeJocelyn, Davis returns to New York after a terrible family event, after five years of having left without saying goodbye to his best childhood friend, Jake Johnson. Now she must start high school without friends, with her soul shattered, her home broken and her insecure dreams of becoming a recognized writer.

Amazon Spain

free books for kindle cafe and cigarettes a funeral

What will you feel if you knew you were going to die on your birthday? Dr. Delfn Snchez enters the Ourense station at dawn on Friday, July 19 to denounce that a letter announcing his death has been arriving monthly for a year. But the account back starts the last month in which he already receives a daily letter with the deadline of July 20 at seven in the afternoon, his birthday and the time he was born. In addition, he has begun to receive wreaths for burial.

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Children's book (in English)

School Monitor – Alex Dunn

free books for kindle school monitor 650x429

First was Chrissie and then his twin brother Richard. Both suffer from harassment. This novel tells the story of the effects of bullying on children, as well as depression, suicidal ideation, revenge and associated guilt, as well as physical and psychological violence. The twins have changed schools several times, but what happens in this last internship is shocking.


Peter Pan and Wendy – JM Barrie

Peter Pan and Wendy | Free books for Kindle Peter Pan and Wendy | Free books for Kindle

Inspired by Barrie's friendship with the Llewelyn Davies family, Peter Pan and Wendy (Peter and Wendy, in english) It is the classic story of Peter Pan, a child who can fly and takes a group of small children to the Never Jams Country. All the usual suspects make their debut (Tiger Lily, Tinker Bell, Lost Children, Captain Hook, etc.), but it may not seem as offensive as the 1953 Disney movie.